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Result: Chronic Urticaria

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Category: Conditions and Diseases - Allergies
Location: Gentilly - France

Provides patients with information about allergies including treatment, medication, chronic idiopathic urticaria, hay fever and respiratory allergies causes.

Auckland Allergy Clinic

Category: Medicine - Medical Specialties
Location: Auckland - New Zealand

Offers information about diagnosis, management and treatment of asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis, bronchitis, dermatitis, eczema, food allergies, hay fever, immunologic problems and sinusitis. Located in Auckland, New Zealand.

International Chronic Urticaria Society

Category: Conditions and Diseases - Skin Disorders
Location: - - United States

Extensive clinical and anecdotal information about chronic hives from members of a mailing list support group.

International Chronic Urticaria Society

Category: Support Groups - Conditions and Diseases
Location: Lawrence, Kansas - United States

The International Chronic Urticaria Society (ICUS) supports a cyber-society of people with chronic urticaria (CU), or hives. Chronic hives differ from acute hives in that the cause is not often determined, and many people suffer from CU for years at ...

Records 1-4 of 4
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