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Feminist Women's Health Center

Category: Reproductive Health - Birth Control
Location: Yakima, Washington - United States

Complete descriptions of every method of birth control available in the USA, birth control comparison chart. How a woman's menstrual cycle works and when she is most likely to get pregnant.

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United Surgical Assistants, Inc.

Category: Employment - Recruitment and Staffing
Location: Bourbonnais, Illinois - United States

Offers surgical assistant staffing services to hospitals, clinics and surgical practices.

Women's Community Medical Clinic

Category: Medicine - Medical Specialties
Location: Santa Cruz, California - United States

Health education information on many topics, helpful links to national, state and local agencies and hotlines. English, Spanish and Vietnamese speaking staff. (Jose, California)

American Women's Services

Category: Reproductive Health - Clinics and Services
Location: - - United States

American Women's Services is dedicated to providing expert, high quality women's reproductive health services in a professional, caring, and compassionate manner. Our services are provided in private practice office settings to assure confidentiality and individual support for each woman. American ...


Category: Reproductive Health - Birth Control
Location: - - United States

A diaphragm is a thin rubber dome with a springy and flexible rim. It is inserted into the vagina, fits over the cervix and is held in place by vaginal muscles. A diaphragm holds spermicide in place over the cervix ...

Options Abortion Clinic

Category: Reproductive Health - Clinics and Services
Location: New South Wales - Australia

Operates three clinics in Australia. Describes their services, including counseling, first-trimester abortion, ultrasound examination, contraceptive advice and vasectomy.

Angel's Clinic

Category: Reproductive Health - Clinics and Services
Location: New Delhi - India

New Delhi doctor offers medical and surgical abortions, as well as general gynecological and obstetric care.

The Private Clinic

Category: Reproductive Health - Clinics and Services
Location: New South Wales - Australia

The Private Clinic is a day surgery specialising in termination of pregnancy (abortion), dilatation and curettage (D&C) and insertion or removal of IUD's under intravenous anaesthesia. We also provide consultations for contraceptive advice, ultrasound and counselling. In 2003, the Private Clinic ...

Family Planning Centre

Category: Reproductive Health - Clinics and Services
Location: Melbourne - Australia

The Family Planning Centre was set up in 1983 by Dr. ChristineHealy to provide a fertility control service sensitive to women'sneeds. Minor gynaecological operations including abortions areperformed under either general or local anaesthesia. The staff of theclinic are fully sympathetic ...

Cervical Cap

Category: Reproductive Health - Birth Control
Location: - - United States

A cervical cap is a latex, thimble-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina and fits snugly over the cervix. Suction keeps the cap in place. A cervical cap provides a barrier to block sperm from entering the uterus and ...

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Shi'ite group hands back army camp to Yemeni government
Shi'ite Muslim tribesmen handed back an army camp to the Yemeni government on Saturday, a spokesman for the group said, to try to defuse tensions caused by the capture of a provincial capital north of Sanaa this week. The fall of Omran, some ...

Testicular Cancer Up Sharply Among Young Hispanics, Study Finds
MONDAY, July 14, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Testicular cancer rates have risen sharply among young Hispanic Americans in recent years, but not among young whites, a new study finds. Historically, white men have had the highest rate of testicular can...

Bed-Sharing Linked to SIDS
MONDAY, July 14, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) appear to change with the age of the infant, researchers say. They found that younger babies are more likely to die when they're sharing beds, while old...

Targacept ends Alzheimer's drug trial after mid-stage failure
(Reuters) - Targacept Inc said it was ending a mid-stage trial on its Alzheimer's drug as it did not show superiority over standard medication, sending its shares down as much as 19.8 percent. The drug, TC-1734, which was being tested against...

Second probe details more CDC anthrax lab problems
NEW YORK (AP) — A second investigation has detailed additional safety problems at federal health laboratories in Atlanta, including the use of expired disinfectants and the transfer of dangerous germs in Ziploc bags.

States told to find way to clear Medicaid backlog
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A half-dozen states with backlogs for Medicaid enrollees were facing a federal deadline Monday to create plans for getting those low-income residents enrolled in health coverage.

Doctor characteristics may influence prostate cancer treatment
By Andrew M. Seaman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Whether a man's low-risk prostate cancer gets treated with surveillance, surgery or another method may have more to do with his doctor than his health, according to a new study. Urologists who ...

South African anti-apartheid author, Nobel winner Gordimer dies
By Ndundu Sithole JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer, an unwavering moralist who became one of the most powerful voices against the injustice of apartheid, has died at the age of 90, her family said ...

Bed-sharing is biggest risk factor in infant deaths
Bed-sharing is the largest risk factor for sudden infant death, particularly among very young babies, US researchers said on Monday. Sixty-nine percent of babies who died suddenly were sharing a sleeping space with another person when they died, ...

Targacept stops Alzheimer's drug trial after it fails mid-stage
(Reuters) - Targacept Inc said its experimental Alzheimer's drug did not show superiority over standard medication in a mid-stage study and that it would no longer invest in the development of the treatment. The company's shares were down ...

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