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Provides urological information for urologists, general practitioners, and non-professionals. By Abbott Laboratories.


Desc: UROLOG - The Urology Website
  UROlog - The Urology Website

Category:    Conditions and Diseases\ Urological Disorders

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Urology Care : Urologycare is a comprehensive clinic providing Urological service to diagnose and treat Kidney Cancer, Kidney Stones, Male Infertility, Prostate Cancer, Urinary Incontinence, Bladder Cancer and other urinary difficulties.
Urology Specialist : Consult with Dr. Deepak Bolbandi consultant / surgeon for any Urology related diseases and get rid of renal and urological disorders
Nidhi Meditech Systems : Founded in the year 1995, Nidhi Miditech Systems is a reliable name in the surgical equipment and instrument industry. We are ISO 13485:2003 and CE certified manufacture and export an assortment of Hi-tech urological equipment that have internationally approved. Our expansive array comprises of NIDHI LITH Digi - Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter, NIDHI lith - Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter, NIDHI uroflow-Urofowmetry, Double Pigital U
Centre for Kidney Research : Located at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW Australia. Includes abstracts, projects, lectures, publications, links and contact details.
National Kidney Foundation of Southern California : Contains program information, online memorial donations, online KidneyCar donations, and brochure order forms.
American Kidney Fund : Information about this national voluntary health organization, as well as kidney disease facts.
Royal Cornwall Hospital Renal Units : For patients who live in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Includes an introduction, kidney failure explained, symptoms, Haemodialysis and CAPD introduction.
Southern California Renal Disease Council : Forms, reports, data, and resources for end stage renal disease patients, providers and facilities. Information on dialysis and transplant. Some information in Spanish.
In Focus: A Photographic Journey : John F. Martin, a photojournalist, documented his bout with kidney failure, dialysis and the live-donor transplant he received from his father. Over 100 photos take the reader through the year-long p...
National Kidney Foundation-Making Lives Better : Information for organ donors and recipients, for patients and professionals, meetings and events and support. An A-Z guide for kidney disease and related conditions.
Urology Network : This is a meeting place for urology specialists and consumers. Here you can find information about experts, organizations, headlines, research, events, companies and there also is a consumer center.
Urinary Problems in Women : FAQs about voiding pain and difficulties, blood in urine, frequent urinary tract infections, nighttime urinary urgency and incontinence and the influence of fibroids and endometriosis on urinary funct

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