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Information about this organization devoted to adhesions and their related disorders (ARD). Details about treatment and prevention.


  Our objectives are to provide information on Adhesions and Adhesion related disorders (ARD) its treatment and prevention. To provide support to members suffering from this debilitating .Adhesions are internal scars that form after trauma through complex processes involving injured tissues and the peritoneum. For most people, Adhesion formation has little effect. Some people however, have severe clinical consequences. Adhesions and ARD are conditions that are not clearly recognised nor understood and for those who are suffering it is often a very lonely existence. We wish to raise the level of awareness among doctors, healthcare providers, government, and the public as a whole, to prompt a more comprehensive and integrated care system for ARD sufferers. One of the biggest factors in the rehabilitation of Adhesion sufferers, appears to be the removal of feelings of loneliness. Being able to share your story. Participation in support groups and other forms of psychological support are a big help. We offer a discussion forum, e.g. a mailing list and a chat room, for support of members suffering from pain and other discomforts, brought on by this debilitating condition. To share their experiences, comfort each other and to feel that not all is futile, in the battle against Adhesions and their related disorders. The most common cause of Adhesion formation is after surgery. Almost 95% of patients are shown to have Adhesions at subsequent surgeries.

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