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The Teach Fitness Network

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For fitness professionals, includes product and class reviews, forums, music exchange and website design.


Desc: The Teach Fitness Network - Online Resource for Fitness Instructors
  The Teach Fitness Network - Catering to all levels of aerobic instructor and fitness professionals. The place to go when you need to find answers to questions about the business of
teaching fitness! Free email, product and class reviews, instructor forums, fitness music exchange, links, fitness website design. Includes a webring for aerobic and other certified fitness professionals who teach classes and/or train other aerobic/fitness instructors. Includes a webring. Many of the instructors are available to present CEC approved masterclasses and seminars, while others market their own fitness videos and products. Categories may include: step, hi/lo, interval, yoga, prenatal, among others.

Category:    Fitness\ Services

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