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STOP Cholera

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Cholera is a growing threat, especially for those most vulnerable. Each year about 2.5 million people suffer from cholera, and approximately 100,000 of them die from the disease. Those who become ill are often the most difficult to reach. Most are poor, live in conditions with poor water quality and sanitation, and often do not have access to treatment when they become ill. Cholera is especially cruel since one must receive treatment within a few hours or risk dying. Perfectly healthy people, young and old, can die within 6 hours of the onset of symptoms, so treatment must be provided quickly, and it must be given properly.


Desc: DOVE: Stop Cholera
  The goal of the DOVE (Delivering Oral Vaccine Effectively) project is to ensure that populations at risk of cholera will benefit from receiving oral cholera vaccine (OCV) in an appropriate and effective manner.

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