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Answers to common questions, a mailing list, and a link to a personal counseling service.


Desc: Free Video Conquers Fear of Flying
  Afraid to fly? We can help you overcome your fear of flying using a range of phobia treatment techniques. We supply information and help relating to aerophobia.

Category:    Travel Health\ Fear of Flying

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Related Site : Online bulletin board and forum created to help people learn to fly without fear. Registration required.
Healthy Hypnosis : Healthy Hypnosis offers solutions to many of today's concerns. Our "Flying Freedom" self-hypnosis audiotape helps you regain your confidence to fly once again.(Hit "Products" on menu.)
Freedom to Fly : Successful freedom from fear programmes for the treatment of anxieties and phobias associated with stressful activities. Specialist course to overcome fear of flying. : Offers professional counseling and therapy by airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn LCSW. Service is intended for people stranded at an airport, unable to fly and for people whose anxiety becomes too much to deal with as a flight date approaches.
Flying With Confidence : A video to help anxious and fearful flyers in the privacy of their own homes. Written and produced by professional airline pilots, one-on-one counseling also available.
Fearless Flying : A new program based on Northwest Airlines'successful WINGS seminars, Fearless Flying offers a home study kit, including a video, an audiotape for relaxation instruction, and a handbook. It was developed with Northwest pilots, mechanics, meteorologists, and psychologists who specialize in treating fear of flying, and these experts appear in the film. Can order on-line.
Fear of Flying Help Course Message Board : This site enables fearful fliers to post questions and comments and chat. It is moderated by airline captain Stacey Chance.
Fear of Flying Information : This page offers information about this phobia, with links to pages on treatment options, flight facts, and self-help treatment.
Fear of Flying Course : An airline captain runs this on-line program to help overcome fear of flying, aviophobia, flight anxiety, and panic attacks.
Fear of Flying Clinic : Californian company offering classes. Does not claim to offer miracle cures, but rather to give you the tools to conquer your own fears.
Information Channel : Describes all viral hepatitis in precise scientific terms. It is addressed to doctors, but also to the general public. Virus structure, epidemiology, prevention and treatment are addressed.
LGBT Health Channel : Contains information and statistics about viral hepatitis.

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