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Naturopathic Medicine

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Category: Alternative - Tibetan Medicine
Location: United States

Information and research on Tibetan medicine, medicine Buddha and tantric teachings. Dr. Nyima Youdon Namseling answers your health questions.

Category: Alternative - Iridology
Location: Olomouc, Olomouc - Czech Republic

Offering a variety of diagnosis tools, books, and courses. Product and ordering information, with founder profile.

Life Dynamix

Category: Environmental Health - Non-Toxic Living
Location: phoenix, Arizona - United States

Offers strategies to help limit mental and physical toxins with preventive medicine, mental mastery, advanced fitness, nutrition, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute represents a group of diverse scientists & students located from around the world who participate in continued research and development in the Iridological Sciences. provide professional Iriscope and analysi software

Category: Alternative - Iridology
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan - Canada

An professional web for all people in the world who want to study the iridology,and to do a ggod job for human's health . CNRI was founded in 1995 by Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D., who obtained a Doctoral degree in Iridology ...

Image Enhancement Center

Category: Medicine - Surgery
Location: Lake Oswego, oregon - United States

Medical facility offering cosmetic services focusing on treating Rosacea, using the newest in laser technology. Includes information on cosmetic medicine, hair removal and contact details. Located in Lake Oswega.

The Woman's Natural Health Practice

Category: Reproductive Health - Infertility
Location: London - United Kingdom

We provide a comprehensive range of female healthcare in a sympathetic, caring and interactive manner. Our diagnostic approach combines state-of-the-art biomedical diagnostic technology including ultrasound, with oriental medicine, and naturopathy. All treatments are given using wholly-natural medicines usually formulated into ...

China ShenZhen H-S-K Technology Co.,Ltd.(Professional iriscope and colon hydrotherapy supplier)

Category: Alternative
Location: Shenzhen - China

We are leading manufacturer/exporter of iriscopes and other alternative equipment such as colon hydrotherapy. All the equipments are of high quality and competitive price.

Glow Natural Health Center

Category: Alternative - Naturopathy
Location: Seattle, WA - United States

Your neighborhood natural healthcenter. We specialize in Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine. Located in the Madison Valley area of Seattle, the providers at Glow Natural Health Center are dedicated to using integrated natural medicine. We know that combining therapies ...

Seattle Pediatric Acupuncture

Category: Alternative - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Location: Seattle, WA - United States

Pediatric Acupuncture has been used to treat children for thousands of years. It can successfully treat a wide range of conditions in babies to adolescents. At Seattle Pediatric Acupuncture our acupuncture for kids is safe, nearly painless and has many ...

Records 1-9 of 9
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