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Scientific American: The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill

Category: Aging - Anti-Aging
Location: New York - United States

Offers an article on many scientists' quest for a pill that can prevent aging.

Introducing the Accommotrac Vision Trainer

Category: Alternative - Biofeedback
Location: Brooklyn, New York - United States

The "Accommotrac" is an electronic instrument used by a doctor to teach a patient, by sight and sound, how to voluntarily control the eye's focusing muscle.

GSR & Bilateral Meter Course

Category: Alternative - Biofeedback
Location: Royat - France

Extensive free on-line course teaching basic and advanced biofeedback monitoring skills in the context of transformational psychotherapy.

Free Solo Processing

Category: Alternative - Biofeedback
Location: Denmark

Do-it-yourself erasure of unwanted conditions in the subconscious mind.

Naturopathic Medicine Network

Category: Alternative - Naturopathy
Location: United States

Extensive information on Naturopathic training and practice. Professional resources include physician center, round table discussion, and free MedLine search.

Color Energy Education Systems

Category: Alternative - Color Therapies
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Use the language of colors which is understood by the body, mind and spirit. Correspondence courses based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ear Candling/Ear Coning

Category: Alternative - Ear Candling
Location: United States

Resources on ear candling from

ColorLight MindBody Healing

Category: Alternative - Color Therapies
Location: Redwood Shores, California - United States

Online colored light therapy sessions are available in the Color Light Spa.

Alternative Healing

Category: Alternative - Crystals
Location: WINDSOR, ONTARIO - Canada

Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with a quartz crystal.

Colour Energy and Aura Star

Category: Alternative - Color Therapies
Location: California - United States

Colour energy and aura products, services and education. Multilingual site based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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