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Doc Misha's Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine

Category: Alternative - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Location: San Francisco, California - United States

Tips for choosing a practitioner, FAQs. Maintained by Misha Ruth Cohen. Clinic in San Francisco, California.

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati

Category: Child Health - Support
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio - United States

Provides support for patients and families through the Family/Professional Resource Center and other divisions.

The Green Ribbon

Category: Education - Transplantation
Location: VILLA PARK, California - United States

Share Your Life, Speaker Norman Franzen. A source for speakers to talk to interested groups about organ donation and transplants. Organ donors needed for waiting lists.

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

Category: Education - Transplantation
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan - United States

Providing reports and data on solid organ transplantation, as well as a transplantation primer, glossary, and research resources.

SangStat - About Transplantation - Backgrounder

Category: Education - Transplantation
Location: FREMONT, California - United States

Topics include organ allocation and donation, immunosuppressants, rejection and the future of transplantation

Sleep Disorders

Category: Conditions and Diseases - Sleep Disorders
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Information on insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, sleep in the elderly, and non-medicine countermeasures is provided by Medbroadcast, a Canadian health web-broadcaster.

Hepatitis Neighborhood

Category: Travel Health - Hepatitis
Location: LAKE MARY, Florida - United States

Patient support on Hepatitis C, HCV, HBV, HAV, HIV, with message boards, physician-hosted chat rooms, and information on Pegylated Interferon, Rebetron, liver disease, transplants, support groups, and risk factors.

Hepatitis Week

Category: Travel Health - Hepatitis
Location: Vero Beach, Florida - United States

Latest news about Hepatitis A, B and C. Log in required to read the newsletter. No log in required for announcements, subscribing and information about the site.


Category: Travel Health - Hepatitis
Location: Mississauga, Ontario - Canada

Hepatitis related information for patients and medical professionals.

Information Channel

Category: Travel Health - Hepatitis
Location: Antwerpen - Denmark

Describes all viral hepatitis in precise scientific terms. It is addressed to doctors, but also to the general public. Virus structure, epidemiology, prevention and treatment are addressed.

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