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New Additions at Public Health and Safety - Disease Control and Prevention

North Bergen Neurology : The practice of Lydia Shajenko MD specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders associated with the nervous system in Noorth Bergen Neurology. Our experienced staff, dedicated customer service, and state-of-the-art procedures make us one of the most trusted neurology centers in New Jersey.
Symptoms and Treatment : A complete diseases and disorders dictionary. Information about symptoms and treatment of various diseases and disorders. What Causes Anxiety and panic attacks? Anxiety and panic attacks are generally described as a general disorder related to psychiatry. Any person suffering from these disorders are not subjected to any harm or trouble leading to chronicle sickness.
Cairn - Infection Prevention & Control for Care Homes : Cairn Technology are a Sheffield-based environmental consultancy. Their teams of consultants specialise in infection prevention & control in the care home & hospital sectors. They supply a broad range of infection control products, services & training to hospitals & care homes throughout the UK.
American Journal of Health Promotion : The American Journal of Health Promotion, was launched in 1986 as the first peer reviewed journal devoted to health promotion and it remains the largest, with subscribers in all 50 United States and about 40 other countries. Our editorial goal is to provide a forum for the many diverse disciplines that contribute to health promotion and to reduce the gap between health promotion research and practice.
Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) : The Immunization Action Coalition, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services. The Coalition also facilitates communication about the safety, efficacy, and use of vaccines within the broad immunization community of patients, parents, health
International Vaccine Institute (IVI) : The IVI will contribute to the reduction of vaccine preventable diseases in developing countries by collaborative research that generates the evidence needed for rational introduction of new vaccines, supported by programs of basic and applied laboratory research, product development, training, and technical assistance.
Western New York Adult Immunization Coalition : The main focus of the coalition has been to increase awareness regarding the importance of adult immunizations in an effort to minimize vaccine preventable diseases. The coalition is here to help our fellow health care providers in promoting good health in the eight counties of Western New York. We can provide vaccine order information and the availability of public flu and pneumonia clinics.
International Finance Facility for Immunisation : The central aim of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company (IFFIm) is to help save more children's lives and to do so faster, in order to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals . IFFIm has been designed to accelerate the availability of funds to be used for health and immunisation programmes through the GAVI Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) in 70 of the poorest countrie
Australian Health Promotion Association : The Australian Health Promotion Association is the only professional association specifically for people interested or involved in the practice, research and study of health promotion. The Health Promotion Association's major objectives include providing opportunities for members' professional development, increasing public and professional awareness of the roles and functions of health promotion practitioners, advocacy and contributing to discus
International Network of Health Promotion Foundations : The International Network of Health Promotion Foundations works to strengthen the capacities of any country or region interested in promoting the health of their populations at national and sub-national levels through the work of health promotion foundations as defined / recognized by the Network (Network Agreement 2005).

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