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Fresno Survivors of Suicide

United States

Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss (SOS) is a group of individuals who share the common experience of having lost a loved one to suicide. We hold monthly support group meetings in which we share comfort, information, and friendship. We believe that we heal faster through listening to others. We believe it is crucial to our healing process to know we are not alone and that others are coping with similar losses .

Fresno SOS provides a community education program toward the prevention of suicide. Our suicide prevention education program offers presentations in high schools, workplace training sessions. Additionally, we provide presentations to youth groups, church groups, parent groups, teachers, medical staff, emergency responders, mental heath agencies, universities, private and public entities, and to others who are interested in reducing suicide. Fresno SOS chairs Fresno County’s first Task Force on Suicide Prevention, established in 2001, a community-wide collaboration.


Desc: Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss
  To support survivors and educate our community about suicide.

Category:    Mental Health\ Disorders

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