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Category: Alternative - Resources
Location: United States

Resources on alternative medicine as practiced in the United States.

Anti-Quackery Resources

Category: Alternative - Skepticism and Controversy
Location: California - United States

A collection of anti-quackery links and tools.

A Consumer's Guide to Structural Therapy

Category: Alternative - Resources
Location: Ridgecrest, California - United States

Dr. June Leslie Wieder describes structural therapy and how it works (includes massage, bodywork, chiropractic, and osteopathic).

Anti-aging Guide

Category: Aging - Anti-Aging
Location: BUDAPEST - Hungary

Diets, guidance, and resources to the anti-aging process.

All About Chiropractic Treatments, By Spine-Health

Category: Alternative - Chiropractic
Location: EVANSTON, Illinois - United States

Review of chiropractic philosophy, diagnostics, treatments, training and education.

Alexander Technique and Posture

Category: Alternative - Alexander Technique
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska - United States

Explanation of how this method can help improve posture.


Category: Alternative - Opposing Views
Location: Sunnyvale, California - United States

Skeptical articles and links about the chiropractic profession

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Category: Alternative - Chiropractic
Location: San Jose, California - United States

Gonstead is a chiropractic technique based on the work of Dr Gonstead D.O. Information about this technique and how to find a Gonstead chiropractor.

Suite 101 - Chiropractic Health Care

Category: Alternative - Chiropractic
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Information on the chiropractic profession including human and animal care, auriculotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and injury prevention.

Category: Alternative - Chiropractic
Location: CALGARY, Alberta - Canada

A free monthly on-line newsletter from Dr. T.J. McKay and Dr. G.P. Sadiwnyk, Chiropractors, Canada. Topics include nutrition, exercise, a children's section and how chiropractic helps.

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