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Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom. Surrogacy & Egg donation


Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom is a team of professionals who use the latest practices and methods of fertility treatment. Signing the contract, our patients receive a complete service package. In particular, BioTexCom drivers meet couples at the airport and provide them with a transfer from/to the clinic, hotel, embassy, etc. Our patients are provided with food and accommodation which are regularly visited by pediatrician who specializes in the newborn care. During the whole program manager and translator accompany couples and arrange all necessary for them, coordinate patients, prepare documents and help couples to go througout the process without difficulties.

What do we offer?
1. Child-focused approach
2. Surrogacy-friendly, flexible and transparent legislation
3. Extremely high requirements for donors and surrogate mothers
4. 24/7 surrogate mothers support
5. Regular home visits to surrogate mothers
6. Individual approach, superior service and discretion
7. Rich donorís database
8. Healthy and caring/loving surrogate mothers
9. Caring team of experts
10. Top equipment, advanced technology
11. Innovative methods of ART
12. Our goal is personalized and guaranteed 100% result
13. Our business is guided by the feedback from our clients
14. More than 5000 babies have been born thought our assistance
15. Couples from more than30 countries of the world become happy parents
16. Advanced services in surrogacy and egg donation
17. Unlimited attempts programs
18. Money refund in case of negative for egg donation programs
19. Total legal support
20. Perfect balance of price and quality
21. Personal attention and affordable financing
22. We are open to everyone
23. No matter how many clients we have, every patient gets personalized care / our clinic is big but we have individual approach to every client


Desc: BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction in Ukraine, Kiev
  We conduct programs of surrogacy using own/donor eggs, IVF, ICSI, egg donation

Category:    Reproductive Health

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