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Cadwalder Behavioral Clinics

United States

We endeavor to help patients obtain positive life skills that can help them lead successful, healthy lives! The Cadwalders have been helping young people recover from behavioral disorders and substance abuse for over 25 years. Drs. Roger and Kathy Cadwalder have developed a program that utilizes the whole person concept of therapy which involves physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.

We at CBC use a blend of counseling methodology that we call “mega-counseling”. This method involves a mix of spiritual and psychological concepts which produce strong life changing events. They result in an almost magical recovery process. Similar to chemical dependency and other behavioral issues, no one method of therapy has proven to be totally successful for long term recovery. However, Equine Integrated Behavioral Therapy seems to be better than most therapies we have experienced. It is also a highly effective method of teaching trust, responsibility, love, self-esteem, and many other positive personal traits.

While equine assisted therapy is a relatively new approach, it has been used with dramatic results in other behavioral therapies. It has widespread use nationally in programs for disabled youth. It has also been used successfully at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch for many years.

We know how devastating it is to suffer from an eating disorder and how traumatic it is to see someone you love suffering from it, but there are often happy endings with dedicated therapies!


Desc: Cadwalder Behavioral Clinics Treating Eating Disorders
  Treating eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Specializing in these conditions when complicated by substance abuse.

Category:    Mental Health\ Disorders

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