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Boot Camp at Thayer Learning Center

United States

TLC boot camp is a life-changing experience for teens ages 13-18. We recognize that there is a tremendous need for a positive behavior modification program for troubled teens. Our boot camp is highly structured and our staff is motivated to help your teen make positive changes in her outlook and behavior. Our boot camp will help her learn the importance of self-respect, respect for others and their property, and positive self esteem through a series of goals she will reach in the program.

If your teen is doing drugs, defiant, disrespectful, disobedient, abusive, or needs a wake up call, TLC boot camp has an opening just for him. It's time to stop making all your decisions based on the behavior of your teen. Our efficient drill sergeants are waiting to help put you, the parent, back in command.

Desc: Thayer Learning Center Boot camp for Troubled Teens

Category:    Mental Health\ Child and Adolescent

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