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Palm Springs Lipo Center

Category: Beauty - Cosmetics
Location: Indian Wells, CA - United States

We provide a relaxing setting to correct, protect, and optimize your appearance and pamper yourself at the same time! Smartlipo is the most effective way to remove stubborn inches and undesirable fat depostis which have been resistant to dieting and exercise. ...

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360 Orthodontist

Category: Dentistry - Dentist Directories
Location: Los Angeles, CA - United States

This sort of surgery is completed in conjunction with orthodontic therapy. Usually many months are necessary to prepare a person for your surgery. Subsequently, there are a couple of months of post-operative orthodontics soon after. High-tech smaller titanium screws and ...

Visiting Angels Home Care Franchise

Category: Home Health - Home Care
Location: Havertow, PA - United States

Since 1998, Visiting Angels franchise opportunities have been providing entrepreneurs with a chance to make an impact in their local communities. The caregivers hired by our franchise owners provide professional care and support to seniors and the disabled around the ...

Apireven Bee Venom

Category: Alternative - Apitherapy
Location: Bucharest - Romania

Apireven Bee Venom Cream is specially formulated to relieve arthritis pain, sports injuries in various parts of the body; even effective in treating chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. Made with propolis extract, beeswax, lanolin, paraffin oil, cetaceum, capsici extract, camphor, ...

Elgin Dental Clinic - Cosmetic Dentist in Elgin

Category: Dentistry - Cosmetic
Location: Elgin - United States

At Randall Meadows Dental Center, Dr. Ahmed provides professional cosmetic dentistry services in the Elgin area. Dr. Ahmed is able to give a healthy and beautiful smile to you and your family. Provides all topnotch dental services from tooth fillings ...

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants

Category: Dentistry - Dentist Directories
Location: Las Vegas, NV - United States

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, Dr Ed DeAndrade uses the most advanced scientific and technical procedures to recreate and restore the supporting bone that has deteriorated due to the devastating effects of periodontal disease. Our mission is to provide our ...

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Category: Beauty - Skin Care
Location: Cremorne, NSW - Australia

No Sweat Clinic offers a professional assessment and treatment for hyperhidrosis to stop excessive sweating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (Australia). This includes profuse sweaty armpits, underarms, hands, palms, feet, face and other body areas. When attending your appointment in ...

Chicago Dental Care

Category: Dentistry - Dentist Directories
Location: Chicago Il - United States

At Chicago Dental Care, our mission is promoting dental health to families. We deliver a professional, personalized service with first-class care to all of our patients from teeth cleanings to fillings, implants to oral surgeries, and even traditional braces.

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